Gaysi Family

Gaysi Family is a media platform and safe zone for queer desis that was formed in 2008. They hold space for queer folx from across Southeast Asia to share their stories and experiences, while engaging with others from the community.

At Gaysi, they believe that it is critical to understand what it means to be queer. While people are aware that being queer means being LGBT, there is also the need to understand that queerness is a philosophy, a politics, a sensibility. Queerness extends beyond sexual orientations, gender definitions or identities, and includes anything that’s different or alternative to the structures normalized in contemporary society.



BRC’s work focuses on caste, sexuality, gender, and disability. Ze are a Dalit non-binary neurodivergent person who established the decentralised reading group: Savitri Birsa Ambedkar Malcolm X Kanshiram Ansari Veerammal (SBAMKAV). The format of the reading group is available to and for anyone to emulate and works with collective and circulating responsibility instead of individual leadership. Ze also moderate the signal/whatsapp group: Stym-the first autistic support group espousing anti-caste values.



Heer is a research scholar and a writer. Apart from research articles, Heer writes fiction and poetry and loves music and films. Heer identifies as a non-binary transwoman (kothi).



Sumira is a college student who also learns and practices ‘kathak’ dance. Sumira also works with the development sector in the field of HIV prevention and care for the betterment of the community. Sumira identifies as a transgender (hijra).